Womanity Index

2023 Report Presentation


GBV Prevention and Response: A Subnational Assessment.


Monday, 4th December 2023


Fraser Suites, Abuja

Womanity Index is an annual ranking and report on the state of gender equality among subnational governments in Africa based on five thematic areas: gender-based violence, women’s health, girl-child education, women’s economic empowerment, and women’s political representation.

The first edition of the Womanity Index (2022 – 2025) focuses on the Gender-Based Violence theme and will be released in West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal). This is being developed in partnership with BudgIT Foundation and with support from Ford Foundation. The edition assesses subnational governments’ performance on gender-based violence prevention and response through five indexes and 20 indicators.

Womanity Index adopts both qualitative and quantitative approaches, conducted through field and technology-based data collection, survey, evidence gathering, desk research, and expert contributions in understanding State contexts, identifying gaps and challenges, and proffering actionable recommendations.

  • Identify and assess the legal and policy frameworks in place to effectively prevent and respond to GBV.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of GBV support systems, access to legal justice, and information and awareness mechanisms.
  • Identify and assess subnational governments’ budget allocation, investments, and spending toward preventing and responding to GBV.
  • Promote data-driven and evidence-based civic engagements, advocacy, and collaborative actions for effective GBV prevention and response.
  • Ensure improved accountability by subnational governments in the efforts towards preventing and responding to GBV.

Performance Pillar 1: Laws and Policies

  • Indicators:

1.1 GBV Prevention Laws and Policies

1.2 Sexual Harassment Policies

1.3 Customary and religious laws and practices

1.4 Reviewing and strengthening GBV-related laws, policies, and customs

Performance Pillar 2: Access to Legal Justice

  • Indicators:

2.1    Reporting, prosecution, and enforcement

2.2    Legal aid and witness protection

2.3.   Specialized GBV courts and/or dedicated GBV units

2.4    Informal justice systems

Performance Pillar 3: Support Services

  • Indicators:

3.1 Shelters and/or Sexual Assault Referral Centres

3.2 GBV Reporting and Referral Pathway

3.3 Survivor support systems

3.4 Informal support systems

Performance Pillar 4: Information and Awareness

  • Indicators:

4.1 Simple and accessible GBV information materials

4.2 Comprehensive Sex Education

4.3 Public sensitization and awareness

4.4 Equally accessible and user-friendly mediums

Performance Pillar 5: Budget Allocation and Spending

  • Indicators:

5.1 Laws and Policies

5.2 Access to Legal Justice

5.3 Support Systems

5.4 Information and Awareness