Towards a more equal society

We promote human rights and gender equality through data-driven and evidence-based advocacy, legal and policy review, and capacity development.

Our Work

Data-driven approaches are at the core of our work. Our team of experts collects, analyzes, and disseminates data on human rights and gender equality issues to inform policy decisions and hold governments and other actors accountable.


We bridge the data gap by providing relevant, accurate, reliable, complete, and timely data needed for policymaking, advocacy, decision-making, and social transformation.

Womanity Index

We use quantitative and qualitative data to rate and rank subnational governments on their performance in promoting the rights and well-being of women and girls. Womanity Index is produced under five distinct themes: Gender-Based Violence, Women’s Representation, Women’s Health, Women’s Economic Empowerment, and Girl-Child Education.


We track and report on the execution of campaign promises; implementation of governments’ plans and programs; and gender responsiveness of budgets and spending toward promoting the rights and well-being of women and girls.


On the Women’s Representation in African Politics (WRAPs) dashboard, we publish data and infographics on women’s political representation in Africa for both elective and appointive positions.


RightsLens is our blog and policy brief publication where we use a human rights lens in analyzing data and proffering recommendations on issues affecting women and girls.


We promote the knowledge of human rights and deepen the understanding of issues affecting to women and girls.

Orange Pages

Our Orange Pages is a national directory of 300+ sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) responders and service providers through whom victims/survivors can access help and support.

Our Donors and Partners

At our organization, we are proud to work with a diverse range of donors and partners who share our commitment to promoting human rights and gender equality. Through our collaborations, we are able to drive impactful change and make a real difference in the world.