Edidiong Inyang

Edidiong is a Programs & Research Intern at Invictus Africa, where she collects and analyses data in alignment with the organization’s project focus.

An epidemiologist and public health advocate, she has worked with various organizations in planning, implementing, and evaluating research programs. At Georgetown Global Health, she worked as a public health assistant and played a pivotal role in developing the Public Health Emergency Management handbook, a vital resource for frontline health workers in managing disease outbreaks.

Additionally, she served as a data quality assessor in the same organization, ensuring accuracy and consistency in data collected across all sources.

Edidiong’s expertise extends to conducting qualitative and quantitative data analysis. She is an accomplished academic publisher with two peer-reviewed articles to her credit, contributing significantly to the field of public health.

She earned an MPH degree in Field Epidemiology from the University of Ibadan.