About Womanity Index

Womanity Index is an annual assessment and ranking of subnational governments based on their performance in advancing gender equality. The Index encompasses five distinct domains of gender equality: Gender-Based Violence, Women’s Health, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Women’s Political Representation, and Educational Parity.

Womanity Index (GBV) 2023

The 2023 edition of Womanity Index is focused on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) wherein states are assessed and ranked on their commitments to GBV prevention and response.

Womanity Index (GBV)

Indexes and Indicators

The ranking and assessment of states’ performance in preventing and responding to GBV in the Womanity Index (GBV) are based on 18 Indicators across five Indexes – Laws and Policies, Access to Legal Justice, Support Services, Information and Awareness, and Budget and Spending. 

Laws and Policies

Existence, usage, and strengthening of relevant laws and policies for preventing and responding to GBV, including criminalization of negative customary laws and harmful socio-cultural norms and practices that perpetuate GBV.

Access to Legal Justice

Non-bureaucratic GBV prosecution process, the existence of designated GBV courts, judges, and justice units with specially trained personnel, effective witness protection system, enforcement of court judgments, publication and regular update of Sex Offenders’ Register, and alignment of informal justice systems with principles of legal justice.

Support Services

Holistic and effective support (medical, mental, social, economic, legal) for GBV survivors through shelters, Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs), etc. that are equally accessible and adequately proportionate to the state’s population. Also, assessment of informal support groups and Reporting and Referral Pathways which should be user-friendly and equally accessible.

Information and Awareness

Constant provision and dissemination of simple information, education, and communication materials about GBV, such that is user-friendly and equally accessible to all. Also, the availability of a comprehensive sex education curriculum in all primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions that is regularly updated.

Budget and Spending

Budget allocation to and spending on GBV prevention and response, including specific GBV budget lines in the state’s budget and sufficiency of budget allocation in relation to the population at risk of GBV.

Womanity Index (GBV) 2023 Interactive Map


Overall ranking: 6th

Ranking by priority area:

  • Laws and Policies: 8th
  • Access to Legal Justice: 19th
  • Support Services: 14th
  • Information and Awareness: 3rd
  • Budget and Spending: 7th